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"The dear, protecting mother of our body could not defend us from the great father serpent; the mortal, tangible body that she gave us was delivered into his frightening power. But death was not the end. New life, new birth, new knowledge of existence (so that we live not in this physique only, but in all bodies, all physiques of the world, as the Bodhisattva) was given us. That father himself the womb, the mother, of a second birth)
"I came forth from Bayazid-ness as a snake from its skin. Then I looked. I saw that lover, beloved, and love are one, for in the world of unity all can be one" (Bayazid, loc, cit.).
Peace is at the heart of all because Avalokiteshvara-Kwannon, the might Bodhisattva, Boundless Love, includes, regards, and dwells within (without exception) every sentient being.
Pretty neat, huh? Bi-sexual god.
First, let's take a look at who we might be "Playing" for on the otherside:
A tribe based god, a race based god, or national god/Sectarian archetype=Warriors of their cause. [Think Rome/Greece, think Mayan, think Asian emperor] These fellows seem to have no good/bad opposite, but rather rival gods to battle.
The universal god, we are all to learn and bring back to it the knowledge we have taken from his creation. We are all to return to one form, which reminds in different sections.[Christian/Catholic God, Buddha, Gnostic God, Mormon Holy Father] These, all have some sort of opposite that will lead you from their path. (Buddha's opposite being man)
Some locations:
Radio life. Reincarnation. To be broadcasted into a new embryo. Or possibly a realm similar to heaven, or similar to hell. Deciding factor to get there? How you acted in this life. But where does Karma go when you ascend to the top, it goes down of course.[Buddhism]
Gnostic ascension. The main goal is to return to the Supreme God. How do you make it to the Supreme God? Learn of your true self, your spirit. Avoid the physical 'noid.
Follow the light. You must return to God, Jesus, and the holy spirit. What makes sure you make it through the pearly gates? You follow ten steps.. er, ten commands.
How do we make it back to Holy Father, after our Latter days? Well, the more down with his prophets, the more places we can chill. Three namely.
[Jesus told some people his dad had "Many Mansions" (John 14:2)]
The tribal and racial gods seem to have the best pads. Filled with virgins, rich hunting lands, and a sort of constant torture for their enemies.
The national god has the same above, just more patriotic to that nation.
Who are some of the non-god, yet official people who we'll see on the way?
[Holy celebrities, some peeps up in thine hizzie]
St. Gabriel the Archangel, the most powerful angel, some called 'em the "Angel Of Power." But he only shows up four times?
The Holy Ghost. Boo, the faith rattles you.
Prince Gautama Sakyamuni.. Buddha before Buddhism. He wasn't too bright, but he was pretty.
The great spirit, the native american's universe creator/actor. One in the same, but never the same one.
Jesus Christ, son of god. Could turn water into wine, a true party animal. Many people argue over the color of his skin.
Beatrice, a friend of a friend of the Virgin Mary. She is very much a party girl, she knows so many people it isn't funny.
There are many other angels, and sects of angels. Much like the society, but holy. Holy different shapes and sizes Batman!
[Is this even information? I couldn't think of a topic that didn't involve violence.]
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