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Saturday, May 26th, 2007
2:18 pm - Seeking some help

Greetings to everyone,

I'm writing a course paper on political correctness in a Moscow-based university, and i desperately need several native speakes of English to fill in a short questionnaire to get relevant numbers. Could someone spare a minute and do this, please?

Your help will be invaluable, thanks !!!

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Thursday, April 19th, 2007
10:53 pm

Ever heard of a sniglet? It's a word that should be in the dictionary, but isn't. There's a community to share your creations, and join in the conversation about sniglets! join us!


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Sunday, April 8th, 2007
7:02 am - ru





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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
2:00 am - Hi there)

We're two students from Moscow, English majors, in the middle of linguistic research at our university. We need several native speakers of English to fill in either of two short tests (or both of em :-). Your help would be invaluable. We can't do it ourselves, 'cause only native speakers possess the needed sense of the 'mother' language.

test 1
test 2

Please, could you assess the propriety of the sentences given in the tests?

P.S. Please feel encouraged to turn to us if you need any help with Russian in return :-)

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
3:08 am - Robin.

Batman and Robin. Great pair, hero and sidekick, loads of wonderful dirty jokes about them. Except it wasn't just one Robin. Right now we're at Robin Number Four. For your comic-y edification, and because I adore this community and we need some more activity, I present to you The Four Robins, and The One That Kind of Counts.

Robin the first: Dick Grayson. This is the Robin most people think of when they think of Robin, this is the kid raised in a circus who watched his parents fall to their death and was adopted by Bruce Wayne. Dick is a acrobat, one of the best in the world. The name 'Robin' came from his mother's pet name for him - he 'flew like a Robin' while part of the Flying Graysons trapeze act. Then he was Robin. Then he wasn't. Disagreements with Batman and the desire to be his own hero lead Dick to forge the persona Nightwing (a tribute to the superhero mythology of Superman's people), and he left Gotham. At one point he donned the Batman costume while Bruce Wayne was recovering from a spinal injury.

Robin the second: Jason Todd. Due to the reboot DC Comics went through while Jason Todd was in costume, he has two backstories. The first is nearly identity to Dick Grayson's - a circus kid, parents killed tragically, adopted by Bruce Wayne. He was Dick v2.0, and it didn't go over well. After the reboot he was a street kid who tried to lift the tires off the Batmobile. Bruce eventually brought him in as Robin when he proved he could help with crime solving, but Jason was rash and impulsive and eventually got beaten to death with a crowbar by the Joker. His costume hangs in a lit glass case in the Batcave, because Batman is creepy like that.

Robin the third: Tim Drake. Tim was at the circus the day Dick's parents died, and met Dick before the act. He watched Dick perform the quadruple somersault (a feat only three people in the DC world can do), and then watched Dick's parents fall to their death. He watched Batman come up and take Dick under his arm, followed the adoption by Bruce Wayne in the newspaper. And one day, as a kid, he saw footage of Robin in action - performing the quadruple somersault. He gathered evidence and proof and photographs that, yes, Dick Grayson was Robin, and Bruce Wayne was Batman. Then Dick wasn't Robin, and Bruce Wayne adopted a new kid, and there was a new Robin. (I can't imagine how no one else figured this out.) Then - oops - Jason Todd was beaten to death with a crowbar. And there was no Robin again. And Batman pretty much went insane. Tim, being a conscientious stalker, tracked down Dick Grayson and begged him to be Robin again. Tim's basic theory was that 'Batman needs a Robin'. (Translation: Batman is less totally and completely freaky insane, and hurts a lot less people. Valid point.) After much yelling all around, Tim is made Robin. He promptly travels all over the world and becomes an adolescent ninja assassin, essentially. Then he gets a better costume than the other guys. Then his Dad figures out he's Robin, and he quits for a bit, leading to..

Robin the fourth: Stephanie Brown. Stephanie's dad was basically the poor man's Riddler, calling himself the Cluemaster. Except who wants a lame supervillain for a dad? Stephanie decides as a kid that Batman's much cooler, and goes about foiling the Cluemaster's plans and making things easier for Bats. She makes herself a giant purple (eggplant!) hood-and-cape ordeal and calls herself Spoiler. Batman has Tim-Robin follow her a bit, where she explains herself, and eventually she and Tim become a couple. Because DC Comics is weird like that. When Tim has to hang up the cape, Stephanie steps in. Angst ensues. Stephanie-Robin finds some of Batman's war game plans (because Batman has plans for everything) and sets off a giant-ass gang war wherein she gets herself killed. Oops. Bye, Stephanie.

Now, DC Comics occasionally publishes 'Elseworlds' stories that don't fit into their own continuity, like Superman landing in Russia instead of Kansas, or Batman squaring off against Dracula-types. One of these stories, Dark Knight Returns, published in the 80's, had a much older Batman operating at some point in the future. Frank Miller, who wrote the book, included such things as a dead Jason Todd (complete with glass case in the Batcave) that eventually became incorporated into the real comics. It also included a female Robin named Carrie Kelly - the first time we'd seen a female Robin. Then there was a sequel. But, well, she doesn't count. And I never read the sequel.

Summary: Batman needs a Robin, and being a Robin is kind of cool until someone beats you to death.

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Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
7:52 pm
kiss_the_muse I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes... and if I am then please delete this. :/

I hate it when people promote communities, but I promise promise this one is directly related to this community. I'd love to try to get lots of members and to see it grow to the size this one is.


See if you like it, we'd love to have you. :)

and again... sorry if I bothered anyone!

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Sunday, March 20th, 2005
7:54 am - I hope this is ok to post?


I have just opened a site about dyscalculia - the math disability. Take a look! http://www.dyscalculiaforum.com

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Sunday, February 27th, 2005
12:54 am

Anyone call shenanigans?

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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
1:03 am - ants

i just saw ants traffic on the floor.
ants are able to exchange information about food location or the best route very quickly and effectively.
if we look at the ant's brain as a supercomputer, which is possible to model and build, we might also try to implement its networking capabilities.
recently i came upon a book on semantic web, based on idea that network nodes "understand" the information that go through them.
how exactly do ants communicate with each other?
what are the technologies behind the idea of the semantic web?

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Saturday, March 13th, 2004
5:14 am - Invisible Injuries.

I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago, badly so and recently I decided I was well enough to walk on it. Discarding the crutches but keeping a sort of splint, I was able to hobble along fairly well, if not fast or easily. It was quickly tiring, but the freedom of movement made me less claustrophobic with myself.

Unfortunately, without crutches, people feel justified in SLAMMING RIGHT INTO YOU. Even, and especially, in hospitals. They figure that, hey, they have a cast on their arm and you're young and just movin' slow, so get out of their way. Crash.

This? Not cool. Between my migraines and likely endometriosis, I'm used to walking around with pain people can't see. I forgive them. Strangers on the street shouldn't have to hush up because my hearing amplifies a thousand percent when I'm in the middle of a headache, or walk any slower just 'cause I'm hanging back. But bashing into a limping girl is just sort of crude.

I'm not saying I'm anythin' special. Just that, sometimes, if people are walking slowly or hanging against a wall they aren't just being an ass. They hurt, a lot. They don't get the recognition or space someone with a visible clue, like a crutch or a cane or a cast, gets. People look at you funny when you tell them you hurt. If they can't see it, it must not be there. If you're young and healthyish-looking, you shouldn't be complaining.

That, and this community needs posts. And it's 5am. Do you all feel more knowledgeable?

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Monday, January 12th, 2004
1:15 am - Random Music Knowledge

Major Scale in C

Note: C D E F G A B
Chord: E F G A B C D
C is the Tonic or I chord
D is the SuperTonic or II chord
E is the Mediant or III Chord
F is the SubDominant or IV chord
G is the Dominant or V chord
A is the SubMediant or VI chord
B is the Subtonic or VII chord

The basic flow of a chord progression is
Tonic - SubDominant - Dominant - Tonic
in C: C | F G7 | C
note in these chords that all notes are diatonic to C
(all chord tones occur naturally in C scale)

Let us look at a chord progression then:
C Amin F G
Everyone's heard this one. It's classic fifties, but it illustrates the point.

C Tonic (start), Amin (substitute subdominant), F (subdominant), G (dominant)
The dominant leads you right back into the tonic.

Now here's where we can have some fun. Chord Substitutions.

Look at the notes of a G9 chord:
(all diatonic)
Look at a Bmin7(b5) chord:
(all diatonic)

The B chord is just the G chord without the G.
It follows that in place of the G9 (essentially a G7, or a G for that matter) you can use a Bdim or Bmin7(b5).

Intervals of Thirds always work like this.
The Tonic of C can be replace with Emin, which is a good trick.
The Dmin can be an F and vice versa.
Emin to G
F to Amin
G to B
A to C (not common)
B to D

NOw let's see why the Dominant to Tonic works:


B goes to C. D goes to E. F goes to G.
The C chord is just revoiced to be
G C E G.

Now there are other tricks you can do with this. Note that the most used dominant chord (the V) is a perfect fourth below the Tonic (I). Because of this, you can use patterns of acending 4ths.
F Bb Eb Ab Db Gb B E A D G C F
There's a whole chord progression right there hidden behind the circle of 5ths. It's even the right number of chords to make a 4/4 song of.

This trick works in other progressions as well though.
Check out this variation of the fifties progression above:
C |Amin |F |D G |

The Dmaj isn't actually diatonic to the key of C, but it flows from the F well enough and check out what it does:

D G C. You have that ascending 4ths. D is the V of G. It's called the "Five of Five," and is a great trick to use.

Next time:
Jazz Chords, and Tritone Substitution.

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Monday, January 5th, 2004
2:56 am

The Onodrim (Enyd), now known as Ents, are the oldest of all creatures dwelling in Middle-Earth. They are fabled to have been "born" when Elves began waking trees and teaching them to talk. They began speaking the language of the Elves themselves. Eventually, they shifted into their own dialect. After many years, the dialect became so distant that is essentially its own language.

This language, known today as Entish, was strung together using Elvish words in polysyllabic phrases filled with near-endless adjectives and the (very) occasional noun. This is a language of long, slow observation, and a very tree-ish reluctance to jump to conclusions.

The Onodrim physically resembled most the family of tree they were descended from. Their strength is overwhelming. It's similar to how over time a tree's roots can destroy even the toughest fragment of sidewalk. The only difference being is that the Ents displayed this kind of power in only a few seconds.

In their early history (known as the Elder Days), the Onodrim spoke with the Elves (very quickly, as opposed to with eachother was was quite slow) quite often. Eventually the Ents broke away from the Elves.

Near the end of the First Age, men were growing in population and power throughout Middle-Earth. The Onodrim felt it necessary to retreat deep into the forests to live in secrecy.

When the War of the Ring came, near the end of the Third Age, the Ents still lived secretly in the forest Fangorn. They wandered alone, slowly dwindling.

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5:37 pm - Debussy and other Impressionists

Debussy was the leader of the Impressionist movement in music, which has its roots in late 19th century Paris. The Impressionist movement included poets, painters and composers of the day. Due to the close proximity of Paris in which they worked, these new ideals spread and grew rapidly, and found much inspiration in one anothers work.
Debussy was particularly enamored with the paintings of Impressionist painters Monet and Renoir. These artists strove to convey an impression of an object, rather than a realistic copy. Lines were blurred, often mixed directly on the canvas. Brush strokes were left bare and visable, and colours juxtaposed upon one another. Impressionist painters were obsessed with light and luminous colour, striving to convey the idea of light pouring out from within their paintings. They painted the same inatimate object over and over again in different lights and from different angles. Monet's Haystack series is three paintings of the same haystack, one at dawn, one in the late afternoon and another at dusk.
Another Impressionist Debussy greatly admired was the poet Stephane Mellarme, and in particular his poem 'Prelude to the afternoon of a faun'. Impressionist poets broke away from traditional forms of poetry and sentance structure, relying instead on the music and sound of actual words to convey an impression of an object, rather than literal meaning. Mellarme's poem tells of a young faun dozing in the woods, drunk on wine. He is visited by three young nymphs, but is unclear whether they are actually visable or whether he is daydreaming and imagining them there.
Debussy loved this poem so much he wrote a piece by the same name, inspired by Mellarme's work. An orchestral tone poem, it remains one of his most popular works. Impressionist composers broke away from traditional practices in relation to form (rejecting forms such as the sonata and symphony in preferance for smaller forms such as the rhapsody and arabesque) and instrumentation, ignoring the large romantic orchestra. Instruments were instead chosen for their individual and unique timbral quality and tone colour that the composer wanted to bring to their music. Debussy's piece uses two harps and a large string section which are often used in unison, creating a rich, lush feeling. He ignores almost entirely the brass and percussion sections, with the exception of 2 muted french horns and javanese antique cymbals towards the end. The flute and clarinet he uses predominately in their lower registers, again creating a muted, breathy sound. The form is loosely ternary-the origional 'faun's theme' is repeated over and over in endless variety, much like the painters of the day this melody is seen in various 'lights' and from different 'angles'. This is cleverly acheived through a wide spectrum of compositional devices such as reorchestration, ornamentation, transposition, reharmonisation and even complete transformation as the melody follows the faun through various stages of tranquillity, playfulness, desire and eventually back to rest.
Just a little over 8 minutes in length, at the debut of 'Prelude to the afternoon of a faun' in Paris in 1878 the audience demanded it be played a second and even a third time.

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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
10:03 am - You shaved yo' head fo'dis.

"The dear, protecting mother of our body could not defend us from the great father serpent; the mortal, tangible body that she gave us was delivered into his frightening power. But death was not the end. New life, new birth, new knowledge of existence (so that we live not in this physique only, but in all bodies, all physiques of the world, as the Bodhisattva) was given us. That father himself the womb, the mother, of a second birth)Sssnakesss?Collapse )
Pretty neat, huh? Bi-sexual god.
First, let's take a look at who we might be "Playing" for on the otherside:
A tribe based god, a race based god, or national god/Sectarian archetype=Warriors of their cause. [Think Rome/Greece, think Mayan, think Asian emperor] These fellows seem to have no good/bad opposite, but rather rival gods to battle.
The universal god, we are all to learn and bring back to it the knowledge we have taken from his creation. We are all to return to one form, which reminds in different sections.[Christian/Catholic God, Buddha, Gnostic God, Mormon Holy Father] These, all have some sort of opposite that will lead you from their path. (Buddha's opposite being man)
Some locations:
Radio life. Reincarnation. To be broadcasted into a new embryo. Or possibly a realm similar to heaven, or similar to hell. Deciding factor to get there? How you acted in this life. But where does Karma go when you ascend to the top, it goes down of course.[Buddhism]
Gnostic ascension. The main goal is to return to the Supreme God. How do you make it to the Supreme God? Learn of your true self, your spirit. Avoid the physical 'noid.
Follow the light. You must return to God, Jesus, and the holy spirit. What makes sure you make it through the pearly gates? You follow ten steps.. er, ten commands.
How do we make it back to Holy Father, after our Latter days? Well, the more down with his prophets, the more places we can chill. Three namely.
[Jesus told some people his dad had "Many Mansions" (John 14:2)]
The tribal and racial gods seem to have the best pads. Filled with virgins, rich hunting lands, and a sort of constant torture for their enemies.
The national god has the same above, just more patriotic to that nation.
Who are some of the non-god, yet official people who we'll see on the way?
[Holy celebrities, some peeps up in thine hizzie]
St. Gabriel the Archangel, the most powerful angel, some called 'em the "Angel Of Power." But he only shows up four times?
The Holy Ghost. Boo, the faith rattles you.
Prince Gautama Sakyamuni.. Buddha before Buddhism. He wasn't too bright, but he was pretty.
The great spirit, the native american's universe creator/actor. One in the same, but never the same one.
Jesus Christ, son of god. Could turn water into wine, a true party animal. Many people argue over the color of his skin.
Beatrice, a friend of a friend of the Virgin Mary. She is very much a party girl, she knows so many people it isn't funny.
There are many other angels, and sects of angels. Much like the society, but holy. Holy different shapes and sizes !Collapse )
[Is this even information? I couldn't think of a topic that didn't involve violence.]

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
6:25 am - I hope this isn't too lame.

[This is very abstract, I'm trying to touch base]
The reaction to attack/combat/all things is "Fight or Flight." We all have to thank The autonomic nervous systemCollapse )
These are sometimes made in childhood, depending on the way, manner and location in which the child is raised. Not every kid from a bad neighborhood wants to "Throw down", in fact many see most violence is pointless. The children exposed to violence, often observing the parents, gain the sense of control over their response to "Fight OR Flight". Established means of doing this are often discussed by forums in the martial arts, military, and social scientists. The martial arts has many "methods" but they all end up to numerous hours of using your imagination. Seeing the opponent in a "Slow down", which allows you to feel your body prepare steps at a time. The military engage in self-contained skirmishes, letting the soldiers learn to deal with their combat high with everyone else.. sharing. Science puts test subjects through many roleplaying situations, and from an observer's level identifies the proper time to act. All of them in the end, require some sort of internal struggle for control over your mechanical mind.
[Even as I type this, I feel my heart pounding]
People often associate the increased heart rate, the shaking, and sweats as fear.
[The true definition of someone who is afraid, would make them avoid the street, bar their windows and simply cower in their personal 'safe zone']
This isn't true, in fact, this is your body preparing for what comes next. Welcome these feelings, is one way to begin to understand the information your body is giving your mind. The second step is to not let yourself rush into anything, you have to focus all of the responses your body is having into whatever you chose to do. It is a reaction, so, you must take the offensive and make the choice for yourself. It is never the case to always run, or always fight. But to see which one is better for self preservation.
[Should I even bother to share combat techniques? I know it seems somewhat useless in a community based on knowledge. How many of you plan to get mugged any time soon?]
[Oh, the above discription of the ANS, half is me, the other half comes from one of my mother's old nursing books]

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5:15 pm - Community Introductions.

Community introductions generally don't mean much. They're created in hopes of spurring conversation or activity which would otherwise flounder on a blank page. Some use community introductions as a means of distributing rules or information. I do not.

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